Instrument CAre

Your instrument is valuable and fragile. Please treat it with care and respect to keep it from getting damaged.

In General

  1. Extremes in temperature are bad for instruments, both hot and cold. Store your instrument (in its case) in a place where the temperature will remain comfortable and stable–not next to radiators or heating vents, for example. Don't leave your instrument in the car. The temperature in your car can easily get hot enough to damage the varnish and cold enough to cause cracks.
  2. Your violin can still be damaged in its case! Cases certainly help protect the instrument, but it can still be damaged if the case is dropped or abused.
  3. Loosen your bow after playing. Avoid touching the horse hair, the oils from your skin and hair will make oily spots and your bow and you won’t sound as good! The tip of the bow breaks easily, don’t use it  to sword fight, poke people, etc.
  4. Always put instrument and bow away when you finish. Don’t leave it out!
  5. In the case of an accident, retrieve any broken pieces—no matter how small—save them in an envelop and get it to the repair shop



When you finish playing

  1. Wipe the instrument and strings off with a soft, dry cloth
  2. Don’t hurry to put instrument in its case; double check the case is latched or zipped shut
  3. Never stand your case on end