Talent Education

The term talent education refers to the idea that talent can be developed and refined. I believe that all children have the ability to learn music, develop their skills, and discover their talent. From the very first lesson I foster excellence in my students; I take the time to ensure that each skill is learned and executed correctly.

I have found the Suzuki method to be the most engaging, fun, and effective way to teach violin, particularly with young children. Students learn music in a natural way, through listening, repetition and regular, steady practice. Children benefit from a combination of individual instruction and group classes, which encourage them to learn from one another, to play with each other, and most importantly -- have fun. And when children are more engaged, they're more likely to continue their violin studies. 

The Suzuki method provides a solid foundation that allows students to play with beautiful tone and technique from the beginning. It emphasizes regular listening, and encourages parents of young children to act as practice partners at home. Basic violin skills, like good posture and beautiful tone, are reinforced through review and repetition. You can read more on the Suzuki Association website. I also believe in teaching students to read music; even young children can grasp the basic concepts of notes and rhythm.

Lessons are typically held once a week for 30 minutes, and group classes take place twice a month for 45 minutes. I welcome students age 4 years or older.

violin lesson
students in group class